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  Sunlite Technologies manufactures a wide range of LED's and LED component parts - including chips, light strings, circuit boards, O.E.M metal or plastic parts and advertising signage. Sunlite Technologies offers design and production capabilities which make it the ideal partner for growth orientated businesses, interested in out-source manufacturing as a means to reducing costs and increasing capacity.

Sunlite Technologies always uses production techniques that reflect client specific needs and values, and we take pride in our record of "on schedule" manufacture and on time delivery globally - no matter where you are located. All our LED production is quality controlled to the strictest standards, with years of operation guaranteed.
So if you need LED components, tailor made LED parts, or advertising LED signage, contact Sunlite and you can be certain of receiving the highest quality product at very competitive prices.

Sunlite Technologies' capabilities include:
* High volume production capacity.
* State of art production equipment.
* Mature & experienced work force.
* 25 years of manufacture in lighting.
* Skilled team of design professionals.

* Specialists in regulation/compliance.
* Adherence to precise specifications.
* Protector of proprietary & copy rights.
* On time completion & logistic support.
* Highest level of quality supervision.
* Specialists in supply of major brands.